My beloved friend…

I saw her walking in a tumbling motion. She looked as if she was expecting a little one. I don’t exactly remember which event we were at and how it all began. But I ended up asking her if she was expecting. She whispered to me & said “Yes”. I got all excited as I usually do when I hear about babies or see one.. I said, ” Do you know who it is” . However, this time..I didn’t expect her to answer me.. maybe because many people like to save the suspense until it is time. But she whispered to me again & said “Yes, It’s a girl”. I was really happy for her. Masha Allah. Now that I think about it, why did she even had a need to tell a stranger about her little secret. The truth is she treated me just like her real sister. About a month ago Allah’s trial fell upon her, her hubby & her family by taking away the baby. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oun.

Then, I remember waking up one morning & reading the text ; it just brought me to realty. On July 2nd, 3:30am; my beloved friend & a sister has left this world. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oun. My heart was heavy as if someone place a huge rock on it. I had tears in my eyes. It saddens me that my facebook friend’s request is never going to be answered. I had just seen her about 2 months ago & now she is no more. I remember hearing about her janazah & how people in hundreds has showed up. There were people left & right testifying on her behalf. Even those who didn’t know her sensed that she must have been a pious muslimah. May Allah[swt] reward her for all the dawah work she did and grant her with the best in Akhirah. Ameeen.

Subhan Allah , that just made me jealous. How much work have I done for the sake of Allah? Will people talking good about me when I am lying in that box ? This whole incident made me realize so many things. For past few months I have been stressed. The pressure of marriage is on. However, this incident changed my entire perception towards life. I am not stressing about marriage anymore. I might depart this world before I even be able to find my soulmate. Who knows ? My focus of life is to memorize the Qur’an & I need to take this chance seriously. Insha Allah!


Let him >MJ< rest in peace please !

Inna lillahi wa inna illahi rajioun. Yesterday Michael Jackson passed away. My facebook was full of peoples status updates dedicated to him. Some of them couldn’t even believe that he was dead. Some of them were just surprised as if death only takes over selective people. Then there were those who started to debate & question whether he was muslim or not. Some arguing the fact how much he might have paid to keep that child abusee to lighten up his molestation case. Then there were those who were reminding others of death. Alhamdulilah. Check this out:

Anyways, What really got me was the fact that the “king of Pop” >> not the “halal nasheed” style Pop by the ways << passed away and there was sadness filled. People were showing extreme condolences. I turned on the TV & how MJ's life was being aired with him singing in the mic with his buddies in the back .. the same scene was being shown all over. However, my beef is not with michael & his life. He was a cool, dude. I really hope he was muslim .. Insha Allah! What really got me was the whole reaction of people to death itself. Moreover it should be something on our minds most of the time. We all gotta meet the sands of grave & then our creator. NO ? So, why this utter shock ?? Then dedication of statuses was another one of my beef-ful moment. So how many times have we dedicated our status to muslims being tortured, abused, harrassed, shown injustices. Trust me that happens every single day. No way, I am saying that we shouldn’t be saddened that MJ who could or couldn’t be our brother in islam had passed away. I think we should just let him "Rest in peace". He is gone. Allah is the ultimate protector. He[swt] will protect him. Now, please go back & dedicate your facebook, gmail, AIM statuses to something that can help us bring a change. Insha Allah!

I’m back for good!

Hibernation is over & now I have decided to get back on track ;).. Actually I had been busy & you might see some of the upcoming posts on what I went thru for past couple of months. Too much has been going on but nothing that I already want it to happen has happened. *sigh* .. I am at the stage of my life where I am practicing abundance amount of patience. Life has been a roller coaster. But I do have hope in Allah. Actually that is the *only* thing I have left to believe in. Thus, those of you who are reading this , please , please, please keep me in your dua’as! I seriously need them bad!

“Amazing is the believer: There is no decree that Allah writes for him, but is better for him. If an affliction strikes him, he is patient and this is better for him. If a bounty is granted to him, he is thankful and this is better for him. This trait is only for the faithful believer.” [Bukhari, Muslim].

Summer Mubarak …



I was feeling itchy, hot and didn’t know what was going on until something in me told me to open the windows in the room. I felt the cool breeze coming , that is when I realized that summer has officially arrived. My flip flops are out. I can do flipping and flopping from now on. I love them. It is the most comfy thing that have been under my feet. Although flip flops makes me think of penguins style of walk. You know how they jiggle while walking.. they are sorta flipping flopping.. very cutely 🙂 .. I love flip flops… they are my favs. and Pink flip flops just looks way too cool .

iwannagetmarried syndrome: Part 3

My Love Notes !

My Love Notes !

How come no one told me that getting married is tougher than choosing a major in college? It took me literally 2 years to settle for something other than what I wanted in high school. Alhamdulilah, I love my career very much now. But, woahhhh! I can totally compare searching for “the one” to rocket science. Let’s see how many potentials i gotta go through in order to find “THE ONE”.

My plan is to make a list of all the potentials . I think this list is going to serve as a cool “Appreciate Me” demand tool. You see, when I find “the one” & marry him; our lives will be an “happily ever after” one, Insha Allah . However, just like all other relationships; I am sure this relationship will have its highs & lows ends. I am guessing that whenever we hit the the low end; it is totally going to be a involved with tornados of fights & arguments. This is when I am going to pull out this list & say “Hey, Look what I had to go through in order to find you & is this how you treat me?” .. & then hopefully & I only have HOPE as of now that he will feel extremely drowned in the ocean of guilt & try to apologize saying something like “awwwww, you love me more than I do” . [ Okay, so scratch “Awwwww“. Guys don’t say that ] . But, this is when I am gonna say “Damn, right. I love you MORE ” . After that I am going to turn around, stump my foot, kiss my list & walk away with bold shoulders just like a warrior who won the war.. VICTORY.. YES !. 🙂

& the search continues ………….

iRocked it :) .. Alhamdulilah

The other day there was a misunderstanding between me and one of the girls. I had said one thing and she took it wayyyyy too personally which was not meant to be. It was meant to be a joke and we both were aware of it. yet, I took a step forward of apologizing eventhough it was her fault of misunderstanding.. So, I apologized cuz’ I dont wanna take any chances on the Day of Judgement. You know how we all will be responsible of our actions. Actually there is a hadith or ayah in the Qur’an which states that no two people would enter Jannah, unless they forgive each other… I didn’t wanted her to hold any grudges against me which will prevent me from entering Jannah.

Also, I did that cuz’ it makes me bigger person anyways. Ever watched K3g ? so watch it from 3:48 – 5:30 ..

& here is my version of translation from what Kajol’s was saying.. ” Asking forgiving from others is not a sign of lowering yourself infront of others eyes & those who forgive do have a huge heart . [ok, I am not a good translator :p.. but yeah, she said something along those lines ]

Forgiving is not easy ! It is not easy to take out the grudge from your heart and throw it out of the window. Yet, it is one of the greatest acts. I mean c’mon road to Jannah is not gonna be smooth with flower petals on it, you know 😉 .. Shortcomings are part of being a human. Let’s call it human error. So, this girl ended up saying something like this “Don’t apologize after the damage is done”.. I am like “yo, I thought you were more religious than me” & then thought in my head “but apparently not. You got a heart of rock”. And I walked away with my heart of gold [hey, I did apologize eventhough it was her misunderstanding]

Bottom line, always try to be a rock. But, understand that not all rocks are gems. Some are beneficial ones that are able to encounter hardship & give up their desires for the sake of Allah [ like, I would have totally told her off.. but then I knew I would be mesing up my deeds by doing so, I chose to walk away]. But some rocks are the ones that are found on the beach ! Useless! Unworthy! Flowing with flow of the ocean! They have no direction! They are so messed up !

So, the real question is HOW DO YOU ROCK ? 😉

So how do YOU rock :) ?

So how do YOU rock 🙂 ?

P.S: Did you notice Kajol’s style.. I love her.. If I was an actress, she would be my role model. But, I love keeping it hayafied 🙂 & I am totally waiting to pull off her attitude, eyemake up & style infront of my husband 😀

Losing the dear one….

Today I lost “something” that was so very dear and special to me. “Something” that brought me peace of mind and everytime I thought of it; it gave me a happy and relaxing feeling. OMG.. I don’t know how to really describe it… it is “something” which brought sense of calm, soothing reaction to me. I loved hanging out with this “something”.. It was the best thing ever to me. I keep losing & gaining this “something” every year though …. so I am not so much worried cuz’ i know I’ll get it back soon. But, OMG… I am going to miss it sooooo much.

“Do not be in despair: it is impossible for things to remain the same. The days and years rotate, the future is unseen…..” — Don’t be sad. [my favorite book]

Bad times never stay forever. Life moves one. I am just going to be grateful for Qadr of Allah as he is the best[est] of all the planners.

Therefore, I HAPPILY agree *insert smiley face with sparking white teeth* with Allah’s will and losing my dear … my close bud… my beloved… MY SLEEP in this year’s daylight savings .. losing 1 hours of sleep [Inna lillahi wa inna illahi rajioun].. gaining 1 hour of daylight. [Alhamdulilah] 🙂 .. ..

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