My beloved friend…

I saw her walking in a tumbling motion. She looked as if she was expecting a little one. I don’t exactly remember which event we were at and how it all began. But I ended up asking her if she was expecting. She whispered to me & said “Yes”. I got all excited as I usually do when I hear about babies or see one.. I said, ” Do you know who it is” . However, this time..I didn’t expect her to answer me.. maybe because many people like to save the suspense until it is time. But she whispered to me again & said “Yes, It’s a girl”. I was really happy for her. Masha Allah. Now that I think about it, why did she even had a need to tell a stranger about her little secret. The truth is she treated me just like her real sister. About a month ago Allah’s trial fell upon her, her hubby & her family by taking away the baby. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oun.

Then, I remember waking up one morning & reading the text ; it just brought me to realty. On July 2nd, 3:30am; my beloved friend & a sister has left this world. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oun. My heart was heavy as if someone place a huge rock on it. I had tears in my eyes. It saddens me that my facebook friend’s request is never going to be answered. I had just seen her about 2 months ago & now she is no more. I remember hearing about her janazah & how people in hundreds has showed up. There were people left & right testifying on her behalf. Even those who didn’t know her sensed that she must have been a pious muslimah. May Allah[swt] reward her for all the dawah work she did and grant her with the best in Akhirah. Ameeen.

Subhan Allah , that just made me jealous. How much work have I done for the sake of Allah? Will people talking good about me when I am lying in that box ? This whole incident made me realize so many things. For past few months I have been stressed. The pressure of marriage is on. However, this incident changed my entire perception towards life. I am not stressing about marriage anymore. I might depart this world before I even be able to find my soulmate. Who knows ? My focus of life is to memorize the Qur’an & I need to take this chance seriously. Insha Allah!


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